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Customer Reviews

"The therapy at Northland P.T. with Frank Ferrantelle, especially the water therapy, helped speed the recovery. I am blessed to have the help—thank you."

Anne A.

"My neck pain is nearly gone because of the P.T. treatments at Northland Physical Therapy with Katie, who was so careful with my treatments. She knew exactly which exercises to have me do both in the office and at home to continue improving."

John W.

"I started physical therapy at Northland P.T. where I was given some of the best care possible. As a result I feel I have fully recovered."

Barrett H.

"I came in pain and using a walker and left under my own power—walking and in no pain."

Stella M.

"Once services began, I felt a significant reduction in pain within 2 visits. I’ve come for treatment for 5 consecutive weeks and my pain level has dropped from 9 to 1.5."

Katherine M.

"This experience has improved my quality of life more than I can express."

Timothy C.

"When I first came to Northland Physical Therapy I was in a great deal of pain and unable to sleep. I have improved 90+ percent. I am free of back pain and am working on strengthening my left foot."

Donna S.

"This physical therapy company is so excellent. They are professional, but with extreme caring and compassion. I would never have rehabbed so well without them."

Opal R.

"Great therapy programs, and personal attention to each patient. I have much more motion in my arm and considerably less pain."

Rama S.

"Physical therapy has helped me more than I ever expected. I really enjoyed my PT experience and cannot think of anything that could be done differently. Thank You!!"

Rachel B.

"I am feeling significantly better than I have in the past 3 years. I feel stronger, am more flexible and hardly ever am in pain."

Meredith H.